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Browse the course material at your own pace. Check in to the virtual classroom when you're ready to ask questions, upload your photos, chat with fellow wildcrafters, ask for help with a lesson or upload your results. The virtual wildcrafting classroom is open 24/7.
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Bakers Wild

Learn how to bake with acorns, extract starch from roots and nuts, make wild flour from harvested seeds and create stunning cakes and pastries from wild ingredients. Collect yeast from trees and bake delicious bread when all the stores are closed.

Chefs Wild

Elevate your cuisine as a wild food chef. Discover how to 'flavor mine' the wild for unique culinary components, and how to transform them into high end cuisine using both ancient and modernist techniques.
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Drinking Wild

The wild blue sky is the limit. You can brew your own flavorful absinthe, mix wildly creative and colorful wild mushroom cocktails or develop signature coffee beverages. Ferment your own wild soda, beer and wine with unique ingredients.

Foraging Wild

Learn the basics of how to forage safe, smart and delicious. We'll show you the tools of the trade and the best resources to learn where, how and when to forage. Through the virtual wildcrafting classroom, you can even take us along on your foraging walk for help with identification. 

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