About the chefswild team

Flavor Mining The Wild

In search of all the deliciousness that nature has to offer - so we can share it with you live in our 24/7 virtual wildcrafting classroom.
there has never been a better time to learn

Feed your family for free on all the bounty nature offers

From foraging to cooking to preserving, fermenting and infusing, the wild is a fantastic resource for culinary innovation. Learn to shop safely in nature's free wild supermarket for the gourmet groceries you need to create stunning and innovative dishes.

Practical tips for foraging and wild food cooking

Years of seasonal wildcrafting classes have been distilled into a powerful archive you can tap into to build your skills.

Discuss with others and exchange ideas

Participate in our online forum, share your harvests and wild food creations, and get help with identification. The virtual wildcrafting classroom is open 24/7.
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